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We offer a six-course sequence (18 semester hours) that is a Verified Course Sequence approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. This means that our coursework addresses all of the information required to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam. The certificate program can be completed in a period of 16 months, which includes 3 consecutive semesters and one summer session. All coursework is offered fully online. For more information about Verified Course Sequences, please see

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Those interested in taking the BCBA exam must also have at least a master's degree and experience supervised by someone who already holds the BCBA. If you are also interested in an MA, you should check our fully online MA in Behavior Support offered through the Special Education Program.

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COST - Our ABA courses are offered through UA Online. Tuition is $653 per unit. For more information, please see the button below.

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For detailed information about the BCBA requirements, go to the BACB website.



Those who are interested only in the BACB-Verified Course Sequence should apply for admission to the Graduate Certificate In Applied Behavior Analysis program. Click on Apply Now, select UA Online for the campus, and then the certificate program in applied behavior analysis. Any questions or difficulties with applying should be directed to Kevin Prahar at or at 520-626-2960.

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For additional information about the University of Arizona online course of study, email Rebecca Hartzell at

Course Descriptions

SERP 502 Behavior Principles and Disability - Assessment and Intervention

Is the first course to be taken. It ensures that participants are knowledgeable about the basic behavioral principles and techniques of applied behavior analysis that are needed to complete accurate FBAs, and design effective function-based interventions and comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). Students complete the course by conducting an FBA and developing a function-based BIP. SERP 502 provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction.


SERP 529a Advanced Positive Behavioral Support

Provides advanced knowledge and skills in applied behavior analysis and the factors that affect the application of behavior principles within schools and other natural settings, including ethical issues, effective instruction, and factors in the classroom environment. Participants complete an FBA, develop and test a function-based intervention, monitor, and make data-based decisions based on the effectiveness of the plan. SERP 529a provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction.


SERP 529B Advanced Positive Behavioral Support 

Provides each student continued opportunity to apply and develop skills and knowledge of FBA, function-based interventions, legal and ethical issues, and collaboration within the context of their classroom, school, and district. Participants complete2 additional FBAs and develop, implement, and monitor the function-based interventions. SERP 529b provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction


SERP 552 Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis

Increases knowledge and skills in working with persons with challenging behavior using the most advanced techniques. Participants learn to design and briefly implement an experiment in which one fixed and one variable schedule are compared, design and implement a stimulus discrimination procedure, define and use stimulus equivalence procedures, conduct a brief functional analysis, organize and interpret functional analysis data, and analyze case studies of a variety of procedures. SERP 552 provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction


SERP 590 Single Subject Research

Reviews principles and practices underlying various single-subject research designs. Participants learn the advantages and disadvantages of various designs and how to select a research design that is appropriate to a given scenario. They also learn to critically evaluate research that incorporates single-subject research designs, create data graphs, and develop a comprehensive research proposal. SERP 590 provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction


SERP 553 Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis 

Enables students to apply ethical and professional standards and concerns that are salient to the interactions between their work, the people they serve, and others involved in the process (e.g., other professionals, families, systems of care, and society). Participants analyze case studies to identify examples of ethical violations, identify resolutions of ethical violations, conduct a risk-benefit analysis, apply components of effective evidence-based supervision, and explain ethical guidelines (e.g., voluntary participation, informed consent, and confidentiality) for behavior analytic research. SERP 590 provides 3 credit hours/45 clock hours of instruction