Application Process

If you have never used GradApp, please create a new account.

If you are a current or former UA student, faculty, or staff member and have a UA NetID, follow this WebAuth link. Your GradApp account will be automatically created.

If you've forgotten your password, please use our account recovery tool.  

Each applicant must provide a unique email address to use this system.

Getting Started

  1. After choosing a program, Special Education (MA) – Applied Behavior Analysis or Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate, go to  Graduate Admissions Application, GradApp.
  2. Create a profile and be prepared to upload unofficial pdf versions of all transcripts and diploma/degree certificates.
  3. Determine which “campus” you will be applying to.  Students applying to this program must apply Online “campus” you may not be simultaneously enrolled on multiple campuses.  If you are already enrolled in a graduate program on one UA campus, you must complete or discontinue your current program before enrolling in a new program on a different campus.
  4. Check the departmental application instructions and be prepared to upload miscellaneous documents such as a personal statement, test score data, recommender contact information, etc.  Applicants recommended for admission will be required to submit final official transcripts to the Graduate College admissions office. The GradApp system requires all applicants to upload unofficial versions of transcripts from all institutions they have attended. Note all uploaded transcripts are considered unofficial.  If you have attended or currently attending the University of Arizona, there is no need to provide an official transcript.
  5. Use the Application Checklist to track your progress.
  6. Pay the application fee**
  7. Review your application details
  8. Submit your application.

**Degree Seeking Domestic Graduate Applicants $85.00 and Degree Seeking International Graduate Applicants is $95.00

Awaiting a Decision

Once submitted, your application and electronic documents are available for ABA faculty to review. You will be contacted for an interview (via Phone, Skype, or in person).

The Graduate College does not make initial admission decisions; the ABA faculty will send the Graduate College an official admission recommendation. 

If recommended for admission, the Graduate College will notify you via email and will perform a secondary admission evaluation.  Any additional necessary documents will be requested via email at this time.

After Admission

Admitted students will receive email notification of admission.

Login to GradApp to accept your admission and view/print your official Certificate of Admission.

View the Status field on your Certificate of Admission document.  The admissions process for students with a "Complete" status is completed. 

Students with “Subject To” status must still submit necessary documents.  Please refer to our “Subject To” for more information.